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While waiting for AutoNetKit for GNS3/UNL–AuotIP for GNS3


It all started with learning the IP packet fields. One of these fields is IP record route and I wanted to test this option. To properly test this you need more than a pair of routers linked together and you need either static routing or dynamic routing enabled, both of them quite tedious and boring tasks. I told myself: “You are going to have to do this 10000 times before you get your number –if ever Smile - so you better find a quick way to do it” 
I knew about KiwiCattools but that tool still requires a lot of manual work and no templating. I also knew about Ansible but guess what Ansible has nothing decent for configuring the devices without creating templates and moreover nothing like walking the topology and automatically assigning IPs. Then what..what else? VIRL? No, no way, sorry Cisco but I have a problem with the maximum device number and with the annual subscription. So here I am in on Friday morning scratching my head what to do to get around this… The conclusion was that there is no way around it so I decide build my own tool.

The results can be seen at https://github.com/1001QAdotNET/AutoIP4GNS3

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Home Tools While waiting for AutoNetKit for GNS3/UNL–AuotIP for GNS3