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Key topics -BGP

This article lists the key concepts that you need to remember about this topic. In most of the cases the concepts are briefly explained but in some cases they are just listed and it will be up to the reader to read more about it. Later on I might decide to post everything I have on that topic. For how to interpret various symbols used in this type of articles please read the How to use this site article. This articles should be used as a check list to guide you in your studies or to quickly review the essentials about a topic.

I know that the articles are not perfect so please the comments sections of the article to suggest corrections or to leave feedback.

How to practically test the order of various BGP filtering methods

Here are the filtering methods:

The Cisco documentation is contradictory and I have come across various posts that contradict each other:

I would like to test this myself but I can not figure out how to do it.