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The (e)scape goat


I will use the Rants category and  the EoDT (End of the day thoughts) label to vent some of my frustrations while I am learning. I will use these pages as scapegoats to take away my frustrations, I will use them as a confession an diary of my mindImage result for scapegoat torturing leaning process. In many cultures and religions confessing or venting has curative value, releases the stress and calms down the spirit. I think it is better to do it here on my blog rather than agitating the calm waters of various professional discussion boards. My rants will be related to life in general, learning and Cisco in particular. So watch for the above two categories. If you do not understand the reference to escape goat search this post, the reference is hidden here …

A draft for the design of a **certification name here** study group

“No SOUP for you !”

These are my quick notes on the topic in the subject line. I just saved them here hoping that I will have time to implement this strange idea Smile

With this approach, if the group reaches a critical number of members, the study will be greatly accelerated by collective effort. Personally I find difficult to properly study a topic for two reasons:

  1. -lack of clear and concise materials
  2. -lack of clear list of items that have to be studied

A group effort might accelerate and help with these. The below are fragments of a larger design that I have had in mind [ the domain 1001qa.net does exist for a reason :-) ]. If I manage to get myself over this hump (for me) called CCIE R&S written, I might get to implement these other ideas, it depends on how the things work out for me in the next 4-5 months.

Hitler’s mistake

About the current condition of the book market on any specific topic



Take any topic you wish and you will face the same problem: too many books, most of them of questionable quality.

Before, when publishing a book was much more difficult, both the authors and the publishers were very selective with their content. These days the situation changed and almost everybody can write a book by compiling info from other books and changing the form and adding very little to the original content. For this reason the student is inundated with books that lack clarity concision and style. Some authors are very good professionals and experts on the topics discussed in their book but unfortunately they lack the skills required for a clear exposure, they are simply unable to teach others what they know.

The entire situation reminds me what someone told me about Yoga. “Before the information on these topics was scarce, transmitted verbally, it was an esoteric discipline and there were numerous obstacles in front of any serious adept. Today the information is everywhere but the obstacles are the same, the adept is inundated with information and it is as difficult as it was before to get meaningful information”

These days too much information replaces the lack of information and this makes it equally difficult for the student in both situations.

Good luck in your studies Neo!