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The interviews–indeed this is how it is

I must admit that after so many contract positions and after seeing so many people being more or less up to the role that they were playing, the below picture is true in one situation: when the interviewer does not have what it takes to recognize a person who improved himself or herself by learning. What we learn does not stick with us forever, we forget if we do not use. What sticks with us from one role to the other from one level to the other, is those work habits, that thinking that is characteristic to the people who are able to evolve and who understand that knowledge is relative and becomes obsolete quite easily. What must be tested in the interviews is the aptitude to learn, to transform, to evolve, to look at yourself with a critical eye and to see where you need to improve and where you need to work with you to become a better person, a solid thinking, a critical thinking, objectivity and many others. I have not met many people able to look at this but yes the unicorns do exist.

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