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EOD thoughts

The Death Valley of CCIE blogs

Remains of the Cook bank in Rhyolite, NV, a ghost town on the road from Death Valley to Beatty, NV.  These old ruins remind me of the Greek and Roman ruins of antiquity.While reading some of more difficult topics I need to “google” a lot before I get the answers to my own questions. Many times, among the results returned by Google I get links to these dead blogs which were used by CCIE students who apparently gave up. Usually the ones who succeed post a last “My CCIE success story” and that concludes the adventure. The dead ones are a sad view, it is sad because these guys failed and because they gave up. It is sad because so much time was wasted in vain studying technologies that they will never need. I am posting this shortly after coming across a blog that had like 2 years of articles, some of them about Frame Relay (yes I once read that crap too)

Is my blog going to be one of these ?

Note: mine is years old, it is just that it was never ready for public attention and I considered it a distraction. I have a lot of content to post but it needs reviewing. I must admit that I was amusingly ashamed when some of the “prominent” CCIEs asked me “Where is your blog?”  and I could not answer.

Here is a growing list of ruins, starting with the one that caused me this “meditation”

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