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..how to use this site


Decluttering the screen

The site was designed with Learning and Reading in mind. You can use CPanel (aka Control Panel), located at the top right corner of this screen to:

  • change the font size
  • hide the right and/or the left column
  • change the order of the columns
  • select the optimum width of the blog layout (ex: “auto” for desktop, narrow for smartphones using the Desktop version of the site

    Finding an article

    Use the menus in the left column to find articles in each categoryUse the Tag module in the right column to find articles with specific tag Use any tag to access the search engine

    Reading “Key concepts” articles

    The articles in this particular category are designed to facilitate an easier reading and refreshing of the information covered by their content. Here is how it works:

    • one click –folds/unfolds the topic.
    • double clicking –marks/unmarks the topic as finished (not working on tablets and smart phones)
    • the state of the above (folded/unfolded and marked/unmarked) is persistent between sessions
    • to reset the status for all the topics click on the link provided at the top right of the article


    Note: the symbols below might not be visible on your smartphone or tablet

    • default value
    • 📖 more info available but not posted
    • needs more work
    • important topic
    • ☢ ☣ this can get you in trouble
    • 🌏 global config mode


    Happy reading !

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