Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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..how to use this site

This article explains how to use various controls provided by this site in order to offer you an enjoyable, undisturbed and efficient reading experience. It also explains how decode the abbreviations (symbols) that I use in my articles.

..the purpose of this site

The main topics of this blog will be related to  Data Networking and other subjects connected with this like scripting, virtualization and automation
Here are my objectives:

  • organize and publish some of the information that I collected during my studies. (be as original as possible when you write)
  • provide curated content or links to the most significant articles relevant to the topics of this blog
  • practice concision and clarity when writing about technology  ( I have a lot to improve here but ....)
  • create original content ( If the topic was well explained somewhere else I would rather provide an link, as mentioned above)
  • share a couple of original small apps that I use on a daily basis

About the name of the site: my plan is to also publish the flash cards that I use to keep my knowledge fresh. When it comes to learning a topic, more exactly to committing a topic to long term memory I am the adept of the spaced repetitions system. So my plan it to share with you the Q&As, the flash cards that I use for this. A thousand and one on each topic :-) if I could, hence the name of the site 1001QA.NET. This is a long term project so be patient.